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The White School - Anamoose, North Dakota

Built back in the late 1920's on 33rd Street in Anamoose, North Dakota, there stood a school house known as White School.  Founded by Colonel Samuel White.  It severed as a school for local students and later served as a teacher's school were new methods of teaching were taught.  Tragedy struck the school and a couple of people killed there were said to haunt the building.
The White School was the scene of a tragic fire that killed two people who may have still haunted the place afterward
The White School was the scene of a tragic fire that killed two people who may have still haunted the place afterward

At some point in the school's history, there was a fire that devastated the school and the superintendent and one of the students lost their lives.  After repairs, the school stayed open until 1968.

The building was later purchased and completely remodeled.  During the renovations however, workers claimed to have witnessed some strange disturbances within the building.  As construction personnel were toiling along, they would smell cigar smoke.  When they traced the smell down to the basement, they claim to have seen the actual smoke on numerous occasions.  However, there was no one around smoking a cigar.  By coincidence, the former superintendent of the school who was killed in the fire, was a cigar smoker.  Workers also claimed to hear moaning sounds coming from the walls as they were being torn down. Afterward, there were many reports of strange feelings as people entered the house, hair standing on end, and objects moving about.  There were no further reports of cigar smoke, it seemed the poltergeist activity took over.

The White School is now the Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast. All hauntings seem to have subsided.  But, rumor has it they have great bread!

After being renovated again in the mid-1990s and being restored to it's former schoolhouse look, it reopened as the Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast, the paranormal activity in the house has seemed to subside.  Whatever was causing the unrest of the spirits within the house, seems to have put them at rest.

Although you may not have any paranormal experiences if you stay there, rumor has it they have some fantastic homemade bread!

Sage Hill Bed & Breakfast and Country Inn
2091 33rd Street NE, Anamoose, North Dakota

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