Sunday, September 25, 2011

Molly's Hollow in Jackson Park - Atchison, Kansas

As the story goes,  long ago there was a young African American girl named Molly who lived in Atchinson, Kansas.  Molly mostly led a normal life, however some of the racist locals found out that she was dating a white boy from the area.  At this point in our history, this was unacceptable to a lot of folks.  

Entrance to Jackson Park in Atchison, Kansas

Unfortunately for Molly, a band of local racists took things a bit too far one dark evening in trying to get their message across that they did not want her dating white men.  The next day, Molly was found hanging by her neck from a tree in a wooded hollow.  She was lynched. Today the woods are known as Jackson park and the hollow where the girl was found is known as Molly's Hollow.

This is not Molly, but the lynching of women as not uncommon for a period after the Civil War

Visitors to the park today claim that the spirit of Molly still lingers in the hollow.  It is said that on certain nights around midnight, you can hear the screams of a girl coming from what they believe is Molly's Hollow.  They believe that this is the disembodied sounds of Molly as she pleaded for her life long ago in that stretch of woods.

There are others who claimed to have actually seen what they believe is a full bodied apparition of a girl hanging from a tree in the area where Molly died.  Others claim to have felt and eerie prescense and unseen hands touching, pulling, or grabbing them as they made their way through the hollow.

A view of Jackson Park, Atchison, Kansas

Some versions of the story state that Molly was not an African American and was hanged by her boyfriend after he became angry with her for not going all the way with him. No matter what version you choose to believe really happened, many who have visited the park claim that the haunting is real!

A view of the Missouri River from Jackson Park, Kansas

Jackson Park is the largest in the city of Atchinson, Kansas  and is situated just off the banks of the Missouri River. It contains hiking and biking trails, some of which take you through Molly's Hollow.  If you visit at the right time, you just may catch the sound of Molly's chilling screams or even see her!


  1. I grew up in Atchison, and hung out at the park many, many times, even at night. I have never heard screams but I have felt something very dark, and I have witnessed things. Once, while hiking through the woods, my cousins and I stumbled across old clothes hanging from a tree. Below the tree was a hollowed out squash with torn and burnt pages from the bible. We went to go see it the next day, but found no remnants of our previous findings.

  2. Dear Anonymous where exactly in the park did this occur??? I'm a paranormal investigator and would love to investigate this park. Thank you

  3. I've been to Atchison only once and it wasn't too long ago. I was there with one other friend he is a amateur paranormal investigator and we visited "Molly's Hollow". I didn't believe in ghosts until that night. I never heard any screams but I did feel a crushing sadness and fear that it felt like a lead weight sitting on my chest. Then I looked up and saw a noose hanging from a high branch in one of the trees. I heard footsteps behind me crunching on the leaves but when I turned around there was nothing there. I'm a hardcore believer now.

  4. If you are a paranormal investigator, then the remnants of the church in Stull, KS would be your first spot to visit. Good luck with that though, as it isn't really "haunted" per se, rather listed as a gateway to Hell. You may find more than just strange noises and sudden temperature drops, especially if you can find the stairway that you can walk forever down yet when you turn around and walk up it only takes 5 seconds to reach the top. Did that once when I was in high school, won't even drive by there now...

    1. Yea if you can get by the constant surveilling of the place, at night, the area is patroled by a sheriff, and the locals will run you off as well. I live in Lawrence, and stull has always been very charged with all sorts of energies. I was there one night and was lucky enough to catch what sounded like wood hitting wood about 75 ft in front of us, and in the rubble of the broke down church there is a presence that won't leave that area..a strong presence that made the whole area feel of choking dread. We had something follow us back in the cars backseat, we felt something touching our heads as we started the car. Stull is not a joke, if u can sneak by prying eyes, its a fun experience if u aren't a pussy but then be careful nothing follows you back as well.

  5. We saw an orb and felt a sinking feeling. Ghosts and spirits are real...suhprise motherfucker

  6. Me and three other people have been to Molly's Hollow and it's real. We heard screaming and we saw the ghost of Molly. She is a very sweet girl just doesn't like surprises.

  7. i was in jackson park last weekend and i have 5 audio voices. in 1 session. kinda freaky but cool as hell