Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dancing Woman of Trollwood Park - Fargo, North Dakota

In Fargo, North Dakota Trollwood Park is the former location of a performing arts school.  The property at one time was also the site of a cemetery where paupers were buried.  There are still actually several graves on the property which were never relocated.  

Some people believe that these spirits still make themselves known, especially during the outdoor concerts that were held there.  There have been reports of people being touched, but when they turn to see who it was, nobody was there.  People have heard someone talking to them when there is no one around.

Trollwook Park located in Fargo, North Dakota

Many have claimed to see the apparition of a woman who seemed to be dancing around the willow tree or lingering in other areas near the waters edge. Witnesses say that the woman is wearing what appears to be bluish grey or blue attire dating back to around the 1800s.  In one account, a little boy was seen talking to an unseen person around a corner, only to ask why the woman would not talk to him and why she went to the trees near the water's edge and disappeared!  The school has since  moved to a new location across the river in Moorhead, Minnesota.


  1. Hi im the founder and lead investigator of spirit road paranormal society i moved to the area from st,paul MN i was at troll wood during the day and saw a figuer of a man looks to be from the 1800,s . i started to get a real unwelcomed feeling so me and my girlfriend went home and when we got home my girlfriend noticed three long scratches across my back . since then we have never gone back. but now my fears of the place is gone and we are looking to do a investigation there in 2013

  2. It was an old county hospital. There are souls there.

  3. My buddies and I are going out there with cameras, EVPS's, video cameras, ect. We are hoping to get these guys on tape. I believe they are out there and we can attempt to show them that they have friends and we aren't going to harm them, So the unwelcoming feeling doesn't happen.

  4. How'd it go Taters247?