Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bachelor's Grove in Midlothian, Illinios (Chicago Suburbs) - The Phantom House

Created in 1844, is a cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois which is in the suburbs of Chicago. It was founded by Clarence Fulton, a local farmer who is now one of it's inhabitants.  The cemetery has long been abandoned the last burial being in 1965. Over the years the grounds have succumbed to litter, destructive vandalism, and is rumored to be an occasional site of satanic rituals. There is a stagnant pond next to the cemetery that supposedly was the dumping ground of bodies by Al Capone and other mafia members. This cemetery and surrounding grounds are reported to be the most haunted cemetery in America.
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
Bachelor's Grove Pond believed to be the dumping ground of corpses by Al Capone

There have been many reports of plasma orbs showing in photographs of the cemetery.  Stories of a strange unexplained blue glow cast over the tombstones and surrounding area at night add to it's creepiness.  Witnesses say they have seen "The White Lady" wandering around the cemetery at night or sitting on a bench.  She is also known as "Madonna of Bachelor's Grove" as she is sometimes seen carrying an infant in her arms.  It is believed this is a woman who was put to death after it was discovered that she lured young men to this cemetery, then killed and beheaded them.

Photo believed to be the "Madonna of Bachelor Grove"

Then there is the tale of one of the cemetery caretakers.  He apparently killed his family, then hanged himself there on the grounds.  He can be seen roaming the grounds as well, brandishing a shovel over his shoulder.

The most amazing haunted legacy of Bachelor's Grove of them all is that it is host to a phantom house.  It is said that sometimes through the eerie blue fog a farm house can be seen and sometimes it cannot.  It's location seems to be random as sometimes it appears on one side of the road leading into Bachelor's Grove and at different times it is seen on the other side of the road!  Perhaps this is the home of the phantom caretaker or even Clarence Fulton who's tombstone is one of the few that are left remaining in the graveyard. 

Grave site of Clarence Fulton

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  1. I was there back in the 1970's with some friends
    at night it was really spookey. we all had a feeling someone was watching us and heard some weird sounds. went back in 2006 with some of the same friends in the day time still spookey.
    then we went back at night and it was really
    spookey, then the cops came by and told us to
    leave. I'll go back with my camera this time